Veronica Avluv

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Pornstar - Veronica AvluvPornstar - Veronica Avluv
The game me and my team developed did well here in L.A. at its debut, and now it’s time to celebrate. Forget drinking and clubbing; I’ve got porn star Veronica Avluv. I’m a big fan of hers, and now that I’ve got a little extra cash, I’ve ordered her for the night…Veronica Avluv wakes up late because she’s a bit hungover and tired from her naughty night. Recanting her story to her friend on the phone, the hornball teacher apparently got drunk with young guy, took him home and blew him, but he passed out…
Pornstar - Veronica AvluvPornstar - Veronica Avluv
Veroncia Avluv is scared that she’s got a ghost in her house! Lights are turning off and on, her doors are opening and closing, dogs and cats living together — total hysteria. She calls her neighbor Johnny over to comfort her, and when he arrives she pleads him to stay…Johnny’s down on his luck. The girl he’s been dating won’t return his calls or texts, and he doesn’t know what he did wrong. He’d been rapping about it with his friend Chad, but Chad got tired and finally turned in. Chad’s hot girlfriend Veronica arrived home from her job as a stripper…

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