Kristal Summers

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Pornstar - Kristal SummersPornstar - Kristal Summers
Krystal Summers is having a yard sale, so she’s employed her son and his friend Johnny to move a bunch of boxes for her to prepare for it. While Bill is out grabbing some beer, Ms. Summers sees Johnny with his shirt off and is instantly turned on. She secretly calls her son and tells him to run another errand for her …Kristal Summers doesn’t fuck around. She met Kris at the club, and she’s buzzed and horny, and brings him back to her place. His innocent and unassuming act turns her on even more, bringing out her inner cougar. The big tits blonde wrestles her prey onto the couch and digs her mighty claws into him as she devours every inch of his body!
Pornstar - Kristal SummersPornstar - Kristal Summers
Chris’s car has run out of gas in a strange neighborhood and when he rings the first doorbell he comes to, Kristal answers it. She ushers him into her house and although he just needs a ride to get some gas, she wants to give him a different kind of ride.Seth has come over to his friend’s place to use his shower after getting kicked out of his own place by his girlfriend. His friend’s mother, Kristal, is there to greet him as he steps out of the shower. She has wanted him for some time and she isn’t afraid to make the first move!

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