Aletta Ocean

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Pornstar - Aletta OceanPornstar - Aletta Ocean
 Don’t be a geek! – Aletta Ocean is at home, playing on her brand new iPad, when her friend Brandy Smile arrives. Brandy wants to chat with the raven-haired busty girl but it seems Aletta is so much absorbed in her tablet that she ignores the blonde girl. Actually, Brandy knows a better game and she indeed makes the first step… Panther girl – Clad in wild panther prints, Aletta Ocean wears her clothes according to her true nature: she is indeed a wild animal, on the hunt for fresh man-meat! It might not be easy to tame her, but if you’d like to test yourself, here’s your chance… But prepare, it’s not easy to handle this she-panther!
Pornstar - Aletta OceanPornstar - Aletta Ocean
 You better be quiet and work when busty Aletta Ocean is your boss. She’s quite strict but whenever she’s alone in her office, she let’s herself indulge in some nasty masturbation plays! Beware, she might fuck her pussy with that huge plastic dong right on your desk!Getting it on, on board – Aletta is one hot babe with some seriously amazing tits, and a really cock hungry pussy. Being out in the sun, on a boat, with the wind in her hair, and having a really hot guy with her turns Aletta on so much that they are barely away from the harbor…

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